10 Ways to Prepare Your House for Selling

Aug 24th 2018

Deep clean and tidy


Make sure you clean your house thoroughly. Wash the pots, put away your laundry and vacuum the carpet. Make your house look the best it possibly can, looking clean and fresh from the second someone walks in. There’s nothing better than the look and smell of a fresh house so take some extra time on your weekly clean. If you don’t have the time for this, book a cleaner – a small investment for what could be a quicker/more profitable sale.

When cleaning the areas to focus the most time on would be windowsills, skirting boards, carpets, taps and shower heads. All these areas tend to show dirt the most but make such an impact when perfectly clean.



If this is your home you are selling, it may be worth taking away any personal touches to the house. You want the people who are walking in to instantly be able to picture themselves and their things in the house and creating a blank canvas will help the be able to create the mental picture.

Clear any photographs and Knick knacks off surfaces to create a clean looking, neutral area in which the viewers can see their own home taking shape.



The kitchen is often the hub of the house, so it is a space where spending money cannot go lost. There is evidence that a better kitchen adds money to your sale price, so it is an investment worth making as the chances are you will get your investment back – and possibly some more!

You don’t need to spend thousands putting in a whole new kitchen unit, but changing/painting cupboard doors, replacing any cracked tiles and upgrading your taps and door handles are cheap options which could make all the difference.



Go around and give your house a quick lick of paint. Living in a house amounts to a certain amount of wear and tear, marks and dents on the wall often appear. Taking your time to repair these small problems will be time well spent.
If you have any brightly colour rooms which fit to your personal taste, it may be worth choosing a natural colour and repainting the whole room to be more fitting with others and not just your own personal taste.

Garden & Windows


Tidying up isn’t just limited to your house. Even if you don’t have the most impressive garden, at least make it look neat and tidy. Get the mower and the clippers out, no potential buyer wants to see a shabby overgrown garden. So, cut everything back, tidy up, paint the fence and make it look generally well kept. It will help your sell.
Cleaning has been mentioned – but making sure window and glass are clean is specifically important. Get all finger prints and mess off, paint the frames and make them look presentable. They are one of the first things someone notices when walking up to a house.

Keep it Neutral


As mentioned previously, make your home a natural ground. This doesn’t just go as far as the wall colour. You may love your bright red carpet and yellow walls, however, this won’t necessarily be the taste of any of your potential buyers. As mentioned before, when a buyer walks in they need to be able to imagine their own things in the home straight away.

By creating a more neutral background it makes this easier. Whilst you may not want to pay for a repaint and new carpet, it could make you more money in the end.



One of the oldest tricks in the book is to make your home smell nice. Baking bread is one of the best ways to make that homely smell, but if you don’t have time to get your bake on before every viewing, nice smelling candles and diffusers placed strategically around the house will do the job just fine.

Certificates in order


Having any certificates/warranties you have for recently replaced or installed products boost your credibility as a seller. Lots of people want a house which they can just move into without doing any work or spending much money.

Proving your house and any left behind appliances are new and likely to be in working order could make the difference to a buyer making the all-important offer.



Show homes use this technique regularly. Open a cookbook on the side, put the fire on, set the table just make the house seem like a home that someone would want to live in.

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