Auction Buyers Guide


Are you thinking of buying your next home at auction?

There are many advantages to buying a home via auction. If you’re looking for a quick purchase and want to avoid the uncertainty of purchasing through Estate agents, then a property auction could be for you.

Within 28 days of the auction, the property is yours. With such a quick turnaround, you need to be sure that you fully understand the method of buying a property at auction to secure your new property purchase.

Our Auction Buyers Guide will help you through the entire process of buying a property at auction with John Pye Property.

There is some preparation that is needed before going to an auction, including legal documents and arranging finance but with our handy guide you’ll be in the know.

With such a quick turnaround when buying a property, you need to go into an auction prepared. In our guide we list the things you need to arrange prior to an auction. Making sure everything is in place means you maximise your chances of securing the property you have in mind.

When an auction opens, you need to place your bid. It is vital you know what you are doing to ensure you bid on the right property and pay the price you were anticipating.
We guide you every step of the way when buying a property at auction.

Our Auction Buyers guide also talks about how to maximise your chances of success when bidding; what to look out for when bidding; and overall the entire bidding process. With our online property auction, you can bid with ease and confidence knowing you are dealing with a property team that has years of expertise.

Once you have been successful in bidding, the property is yours!

All financial and legal items have to be in place to ensure a smooth transition. We outline exactly what you need to guarantee the final stages of the purchase.

Here at John Pye Property, our expert team is on hand to guide you through the process of buying a home at auction, not only do you buy a property at auction you buy a home!

Our handy guide makes buying a property at auction easy and accessible!